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hello and welcome to six letter word ! we are a real life, no word count, shipper app site based in new york with a focus on the five boroughs, nyc colleges, and a prestigious private school located on the upper east side. please take a look around and come chat in the c-box with us.
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 Posted: Feb 15 2015, 10:43 PM
infatuated with gossip
nickname: ---
occupation: gossip blogger
age: infinity
sexuality: ---
relationship status: i'll never tell
significant other: --

anonymous + them/theirs


respect your staff, and your fellow members. we're serious when we say that disrespect, or bullying or any kind will not be tolerated. we don't want any drama here, so don't create it. if you fail to do this, you can be certain that there will be consequences, be it a warning, or you being banned. do not take this lightly, because we certainly don't.

it's just common sense. don't steal graphics - don't steal posts - don't steal applications. if you do, and claim it as your own, you will be sent a warning, and then banned, because we won't have any of that. if you do use someone else's graphics, then you must credit it. if you think that any of our members have stolen your work, then shoot any of the staff a pm and we'll try our best to sort it out for you! if you don't know how to make graphics feel free to leave a request in our graphics request thread located under services and someone will take care of it for you!. :] avatars are 250x400 and we don't allow signatures

we're not a porn site, but we're rated mature, so you can expect to see mature content on here. however! out of respect of the members, if you wish to create a sex thread, or anything or that sort, please make a note in the description [M] , so we can be prepared! please also label trigger warnings with a 'TW' and whichever event may be taking place, such as cutting or abuse, some members may prefer not to read such threads and may be uncomfortable by them. please seek admin approval if you are looking to do a plot such as character death.

your first three characters are free, but after that, each current character you have must have two active threads [with at least five posts!] to make a new character. tech threads do not count towards this. you must link the active threads in the app of the new character as well. mini profiles must be completely filled out before being accepted, and all claims must be done before roleplaying, plotting, icc & lac. you have twenty-four hours after you are initially accepted to claim your face, or it is up for grabs.


we are taking activity very very very seriously. if you have not posted with a character [whether it be tech thread or real thread,] in ten days their account will be switched to inactive, and their face claim will be considered 'free' - in order to 're-active' your character, post a reply/ active thread for them, then go to the character moderation thread and fill out the code with the link to said thread. if you read the rules, where it says 'anything else?' in the app, please fill in a movie that your character could star in based on their personality. please do not have more characters than you can handle, you may also request character deletion in the moderation thread at any time, sometimes the muse just isn't there and that's understandable! once your character has been switched to inactive, we will hold your face for 24 hours before setting them free, so you have 24 hours to re-claim.

when it comes to icc/lac - you may not use a character unless you have an active, real thread for them [that means you have posted in said thread within the week you are trying to use them]. mini profiles must be filled out before being able to use the character in the icc/lac as well.

if you are going to be away for more than two days, you must put up an away message, even if you will be back asap, this will guarantee that the admins can keep tabs on your face claim for you and so members you plot with know you're coming back to your plots with them! otherwise, the above 'ten day' rule will apply and you may lose your character. please only post in the away message thread set up by staff, do not make your own thread.

inactivity in announcements will also be noted. members will be given a week to reply to an announcement and if they haven't replied in those seven days, they will be turned to inactive. you do not have to post with all of your accounts, one will suffice.

there is no word count on this site, all we ask is you try and match the word count the person you are role-playing with is. if somebody gives you five lengthy paragraphs, it is unfair to only give them one or two small paragraphs.

when you register, we ask that you register with your name in the following format: FIRST LAST IN ALL CAPS. if you forget, it's not a worry - just send a pm to an admin and we'll gladly fix it for you. it's just a lot easier on us if you register like this in the first place, to save us some work. we do not allow duplicate first names [of any spelling] or last names [unless characters are related]

we're here to role play, and to have fun - that's what it's all about! get to know your fellow role players, because we're a friendly bunch. if you ever feel uncomfortable by a character, role-player or plot being placed upon you, please do not hesitate to bring it to attention to a member of our staff. we want everybody to feel as if they are at home, and if you don't feel comfortable, than you aren't at home.

if you have any questions/concerns, please feel free to pm an admin on their admin account.

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