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hello and welcome to six letter word ! we are a real life, no word count, shipper app site based in new york with a focus on the five boroughs, nyc colleges, and a prestigious private school located on the upper east side. please take a look around and come chat in the c-box with us.
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 Posted: Feb 15 2015, 10:39 PM
infatuated with gossip
nickname: ---
occupation: gossip blogger
age: infinity
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relationship status: i'll never tell
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anonymous + them/theirs

Hey, you. Yes, you. I know you probably just stepped off the train from no-one-caresville, but you have to keep up if you’re going to make it in this city. Welcome to the Upper East side, home to the richest people of the big apple- and their even richer progeny. In the center of this exclusive community lies Worthington Prep, a private school built on the hopes that everyone from the heirs of JP morgan to the next superstar find their grounding in these very halls.

Beyond Worthington, the city of New York shines bright in front of you and it’s up to you to discover its hidden treasures. You don’t have to be an elite to make it in the city- but knowing a few familiar faces is never a bad idea. Whether it’s taking the universities by storm, trying out for an acting job or moonlighting as a waitress in a dive bar, there’s something here for everybody.

Just remember, if you choose to dip your toe into the world of the 1%, all eyes will be on you. It’s not often that somebody tries to break into their inner circle and there will always be people waiting at a chance to tear you apart. Someone will always be watching and update everyone on your latest misstep, scandal, or any piece of juicy gossip that happens to float their way. So keep your chanel sunglasses on and be careful who you tell about your one night stands. Good luck.

--The unholy trinity

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